Not Applicable Best Suited For: Energetic, affectionate, loyal, strong-willed Comparable Breeds: Labrador Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback New Search Cat Rhodesian Labrador Basics The Rhodesian Labrador brings the gentle, loving nature of the Labrador Retriever together with the determined, headstrong personality of a Rhodesian Ridgeback to produce a loyal, affectionate family dog with protective tendencies and a love of play. Because he may have inherited a bit of a stubborn streak, this big boy is best suited for experienced pet owners who know how to assume the role of pack leader. His high energy levels make him perfect for families with kids who can engage with him on a regular basis to keep him from becoming bored and destructive. Origin The Rhodesian Labrador is a relatively new breed of designer dog and while his history may be short, his ancestry dates back hundreds of years. Do not plan to free-feed your dog, but space his meals out over the course of the day and ensure the kibble size is scaled for a large dog to prevent too fast gobbling and geared specifically to his age and activity level. Ensure it is a top quality food without fillers such as carbs and grains that will only encourage over-eating in order to make him feel full.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Traits and History

There exists a drawing in an Egyptian tomb dating back to about – 4, BC depicting a hound type dog, with somewhat drooped ears and what looks to be a ridge on its back. It is convincing that this is the origin of the ancestor dog that was domesticated by the Hottentot tribal peoples of the African veldt. By the s we find ample support describing dogs dwelling in South Africa “bearing a ridge of hair growing in a forward direction along the spine”.

There are several eyewitness accounts that the aboriginal Hottentots, known also as the “Quena” or “Khoi-khoi” tribal peoples, made common use of these semi-wild dogs for the hunt on the African veldt. The recorded history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback becomes much more prominent around the 16th century, when the first European man, a Portugese settlor, explored the interior lands on the Cape of Good Hope South Africa.

During his travels he observed a “domesticated dog living with the Hottentots, having the notable peculiarity of hair on his spine being turned forward”.

Remains of dogs identical to these hounds were discovered in the province of Verona, and a painting dating back to in the Borso d’Este castle shows a hound identical to the Italian hound.

May the Fallen Soldiers all stand now next to you. Charles and Dianne Billett Proudly Rhodesian A great man who did so much good for our be,oved country. Depest sympathy to all the family. He will be remembered forever. D Ruetsche ex Byo Our sincere condolences to a man that will never be forgotten by the ‘Friend’ family – may you rest in peace Ian.

Thanks for being the wonderful person you were during your ‘reign’ as Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Peace be with you.

Former Rhodesian PM Ian Smith dies

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Grobbelaar made over appearances for Liverpool but before making his name, he spent time on active National Service with the Zimbabwean Army.

This was considered as the direct successor of the Rhodesia Native Regiment, which was confirmed in , and the RAR inherited all of that Regiment’s battle honours. The regiment went back to Rhodesia in , where its depot was closed, and the unit effectively disbanded. A skeleton unit was however retained.

By , A, B and C companies were operational as demo companies. In , B Company became support company. The regiment saw service in Suez in , and in it was presented with the Queen’s Colour and Regimental Colour by the Queen Mother. In a new depot was opened for the regiment at Llewellin Barracks in Bulawayo. During the Malayan Emergency , the regiment served as part of the Army of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in Malaya from to The RAR was responsible for over guerrilla casualties from — A second battalion was raised in ; in this battalion was based at the former boarding school of St.

Stephen’s College, Balla Balla [note 2] which had closed in Para-training was introduced in and the RAR were actively involved in ” fireforce ” missions, where they gained a reputation of jumping from minimum heights. The unit was not deployed outside Rhodesia during the war, but it established a considerable tally on internal operations.

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Feb 27,  · THE son of the last commander of the Rhodesian army has been assaulted and stabbed by a gang of self-styled Zimbabwean “war veterans”, who laid an ambush in a suburb of Harare.

The discovery of gold in the Penhalonga valley spurred a “gold rush”, as numerous prospectors were drawn to the area. Simultaneously, both the Portuguese and British colonial powers were vying for the attention and favour of Chief Mutasa, the dominant chief in the area. The ultimate objective of both colonial powers was to extend their respective spheres of influence over this area and its strategically important chief. The name “Umtali” derived from the Chimanyika “mutare”, meaning “piece of metal”.

As early as , numerous hopeful individuals arrived in the area of Chief Mutasa, seeking his permission to prospect for gold. A R Colquhoun, a member of the Pioneer Column making its way to the interior, left the Column at Fort Charter with a group of fellow Pioneers, setting out for the area of Chief Mutasa with the intention of setting up a permanent settlement. Heyman established a fort in November The fort, built close to the kraal of Chief Mutasa, was the first site of Umtali. The remains of the fort are located near the town of Penhalonga.

In the unchecked pegging and excavation of prospecting claims across the site of the settlement, prompted the relocation of Umtali to the second site, about 6 kilometres northwest near the Mutare River in the Penhalonga valley. The new township site of several hundred stands was surveyed; the first stands being sold in July A Police Camp was established and administrative buildings were erected in the township.

In a township administrative structure was set up, headed by a Civil Commissioner.

Rhodesian Names :

Families with children, active singles and seniors, houses with yards Temperament: Loyal, protective, calm, intelligent Comparable Breeds: Bullmastiff, Great Dane New Search Cat Rhodesian Ridgeback Basics The Rhodesian Ridgeback gets its name not only from its place of origin, but also from its unique coat, as there is a ridge of hair on its back that grows the opposite direction.

Sleek and athletic, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is relatively calm after it has passed the puppy phase, making it a great choice from active families. Strong, intelligent, and protective, the Rhodesian Ridgeback will adore its family, but are known to be somewhat reserved with strangers. Read on to learn more about the breed.

Another group of Rhodesian commandos dressed as local soldiers destroyed a ferry in Botswana. The ferry crossed the Zambesi river where Botswana, Zambia and Rhodesia meet.

Human timeline and Nature timeline Replica of the skull Kabwe 1, also called the Broken Hill skull, was assigned by Arthur Smith Woodward in as the type specimen for Homo rhodesiensis; most contemporary scientists forego the taxon “rhodesiensis” altogether and assign it to Homo heidelbergensis. In addition to the cranium, an upper jaw from another individual, a sacrum , a tibia , and two femur fragments were also found.

The skull was dubbed “Rhodesian Man” at the time of the find, but is now commonly referred to as the Broken Hill skull or the Kabwe cranium. Artist interpretation of Rhodesian Men. The association between the bones is unclear, but the tibia and femur fossils are usually associated with the skull. Rhodesian Man is dated to be between , and , years old.

The massive skull suggests an extremely robust individual with the comparatively largest brow-ridges of any known hominid. It was described as having a broad face similar to that of Homo neanderthalensis i. Consequently, researchers came up with interpretations such as “African Neanderthal”. However, with regard to the skull’s extreme robustness , recent research has highlighted several intermediate features between modern Homo sapiens and Neanderthal.

Clarke classified it as Homo erectus and it has generally been viewed as such since, although points of similarity to H.

Rhodesian Sport Profiles

The tanned, well muscled Bey was part of that history-making when he teamed with Frank Salomon to crush the Netherlands in May to give Rhodesia the distinction of being one of the few countries to win a Davis Cup tie in their first year of entry. On the eve of the team’s departure, Bey consolidated his position as the country’s top player by retaining his Rhodesian closed title with a swift , ,6- 3 victory over big-serving Basil Katz at Bulawayo.

Later that month, Bey and Salomon made a brave bid in the second round tie against Sweden at Stockholm, going out , but both gaining the distinction of beating Jan-Erik Lundqvist. It was a creditable display, because Sweden were European Zone finalists in and Lundqvist had not been beaten in Sweden for over two years.

SOUTH Africa has returned to Zimbabwe Cabinet files and other State papers dating back to that former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith took to that country following the collapse of.

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Rhodesian Killings

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