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He and Shinjiro grew up in an orphanage together with Akihiko’s little sister, Miki, who died in a fire that destroyed the orphanage. Devastated by her death and feeling powerless that he could not save her, Akihiko vowed to become stronger. He took up boxing so he could learn how to fight, becoming a champion student boxer in the process. Shinjiro and Akihiko remained friends after Miki’s death. Shinjiro’s Persona went berserk while combating a Shadow , killing an innocent bystander Ken Amada ‘s mother in the process. Akihiko used the incident as a springboard to focus even more on his strength and fighting the shadows. He began to criticize his friend for retreating when others needed his help.

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Conflict Ball – In The Answer, the party falls apart and turns to infighting as to whether or not they should change the past. They figure things out and make up, eventually. Continuity Nod – Quite a few to the previous games and Persona 4.

I mentioned the dating bit because I’m going through every possible reason he has to stay. That is a possibility in the game and a reason for staying to any rational, socially adjusted human being. The only thing I could see being an issue is the school situation, whether or not he’s technically enrolled in one or the other after his probation.

Thank you for requesting! Remember all those Confidants he had to get through? Not that he assumes they are sad right away, but he catches on pretty quickly. He knew you very well. Through observation, he knows that you were not one to let anyone see how vulnerable you can be. The boy always wondered if you were ever going to let him into the darkest parts of your heart. That smile of yours was always warm and bright, this one felt colder.

He wanted to question it, but he smiled back anyways. Akira could see through you, those fake smiles and laughs towards your peers and teachers. For a short moment, he thought that his lover was a stranger. Everything just felt too fake, staged and forced. Your strange behavior had begun to affect him. It surprised you when he took you to Leblanc at night.

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A land of ignorance and fear. Fri Jul 11, 4: What are they like? What’s the best way to get into the series?

Yukari Takeba is a dorm mate and classmate of the Protagonist. She joins S.E.E.S. prior to the protagonist’s arrival. Yukari’s zeal for investigation brings a lot of trouble, but also gains the group valuable allies and information.

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Dating Aigis Persona 3

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Ruru I really like the idea of being able to choose whether or not you want to go fight enemies or just hang out with the characters in the game. The characters in the game are also really realistic because they grow over time and talk in a modern way no knights running around, claiming devotion to your team or whatever , which is almost unheard of in other games. I pre-ordered and finished P3P over the summer and was really addicted to it for a while.

I have a habit of grinding like a maniac before any boss, so none of them were really that hard. I remember trying to fight the rematch of the hanged man boss before taking on Nyx, and that thing owned me so badly. I failed at least twice before trying one last time, and in that last attempt, I fought it for over an hour before it killed my entire team because of an accidental press of a button.

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This Week In Sales: Tainted Bloodlines And Atelier Shallie vileBrenman actually like to see the seamless battle system that they had for the prototype in p5. I actually seen this video about a week ago. Warboss Aohd This almost looks better honestly. Mar Mar And its got really good animation for a prototype. Hound Probably one of my favorite parts about playing the demi-fiend in SMT:

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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona Thread 2: Eternal Punishment For those wondering about the title: The series has many spin-offs, most notably Persona. The Persona games are JRPGs set in High School, modern times well, P1 is set in ’99 , and instead of demons the characters summon their “persona”, which is a symbolic manifestation of their “true self”, which happens to take the form of a SMT demon. The more recent games of the Persona series including dating sim elements, which works much better than it sounds on paper.

Persona has it’s own spin-offs, P4 Arena, and Persona Q. The SMT games as a whole are pretty consistently high-quality, high difficulty and unforgiving, with the newer Persona games being some of the more accessible games in the greater Megami Tensei series. Apocalypse’s recent release, it seems time we had a new SMT thread.


Dating Aigis Persona 3 Venatio Follow Forum Posts Links from reversing persona 3 fes dating aigis going out with another girl persona 3 fes dating aigis many times. Junpei is dating Chidori,. Memories of You Chapter Aigis, a persona Question?

Apr 17,  · Because I always enjoy watching fans clash about this in other gaming sites. Which is your favorite of the two “popular” Persona games and why?

Opt to play as a female and one of your secondary goals can be to become one of the male characters’ “girl” and date him. Two of your choices are moody outcast Shinjiro and his best friend, pampered rich boy Akihiko. If you choose Shinjiro, you will even change his fate and — spoiler alert here — keep him from dying in the game. Moderate Instructions Shinjiro’s Girl 1. Increase your academic, charm and courage ratings. These three ratings will raise your social link score.

The higher your social link score, the better chance you have of wooing any of the potential boyfriends.

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Next Persona 3 Portable: Now, my questions are the following: Can I have multiple lovers? I finished Junpei’s social link earlier than all the other potential lover I finished Junpei’s social link earlier than all the other potential lover social links. Well the problem is, we didn’t end up as lovers well that’s because of Chidori and I heard that it’s NOT EVER possible to have a lovers end with Junpei but still, the main problem is, I’m trying to go through Akihiko’s lover route next and he keeps thinking that I’m ‘Junpei’s girlfriend’ and he said one time that his fans say ‘he’s stealing girlfriends’.

With the exception of the two Persona 2 games (one of wich had a female lead), the heroes were blank state and dating machines. Imo they only didnt add a female counterpart to persona 4 Golden, because it was a way bigger overhaul than P3P, and because they had to protect the brand of the anime serie.

It’s not the Abyss of Time. You’ll notice a few things: P3P seems to have a truckload of “new” content, but I’m still not biting. Fuck Atlus for trying to sell the same game for the third time in the span of 3 years. I don’t know shit about Soul Hackers except for questionable sources, but is that the same term used for SH’s Vision Quests?

From my understanding of what they were, it seems like it might have a thematic connection to the Abyss of Time? Too early to tell. There’s tons of improvements, but the changed story presentation will likely kill the game for at least some people. The Answer isn’t really a big loss. It was basically playing through the entirety of Tartarus an equivalent random dungeon, I mean from around level 20 to level 70, using the same type of spells, persona, and equipment with very little story filling it up.

Playing as the opposite sex in P3P on a higher difficulty setting will probably make for a better “Second Quest” playthrough than The Answer. FES’ The Journey felt like what P3 should have been from the very beginning, whereas P3P adds a lot that just wouldn’t have made it into the original release, no matter how much they delayed.

Persona 3 Portable – Star Social Link (Akihiko Sanada) Rank 9-MAX

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