Big Lake and the Sturgeon River

Parkland County borders the lake on the south and Sturgeon County on the north. The lake sits on the sands and gravels of the Empress Formation, an aquifer 30 meters below its surface that was laid down by retreating glacial meltwaters. Big Lake is about 8 km in length and 3 km at its widest point. At the delta, one of only three birdsfoot deltas to be found in Alberta, the lake narrows to m. The lake is shallow, with depths varying between 0. Old stands of white spruce grow on the northeast shore of the lake and a deciduous forest on the south contain highly diverse vegetation with unusual and rare plant species that include orchids and ferns. Mark Catesby More than bird species have been recorded at Big Lake, some are recorded annually. The western bay of the lake provides rare nesting habitat for Franklin’s Gulls, a species that builds floating nests anchored to vegetation growing in shallow water.

Big Lake and the Sturgeon River

Canada , fishing , lake trout , Marie’s Bay Outpost , norhtern pike , walleye As soon as school let out for the summer, I packed up my stuff and headed north on I with a big smile on my face. Not only did I get to have my usual visit with my family this summer, but I got to spend a week fishing in Canada with my dad and both of my brothers. With four schedules to coordinate, this does not happen often.

When we were kids, the family vacationed there. As adults, each of my brothers and I have accompanied Dad to camp on hunting and fishing expeditions.

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Anatomy[ edit ] Oysters are filter feeders , drawing water in over their gills through the beating of cilia. Suspended plankton and particles are trapped in the mucus of a gill, and from there are transported to the mouth, where they are eaten, digested, and expelled as feces or pseudofeces. The Chesapeake Bay ‘s once-flourishing oyster population historically filtered excess nutrients from the estuary’s entire water volume every three to four days.

Today, that would take nearly a year. Oyster filtration can mitigate these pollutants. In addition to their gills, oysters can also exchange gases across their mantles, which are lined with many small, thin-walled blood vessels. A small, three-chambered heart , lying under the adductor muscle , pumps colorless blood to all parts of the body. At the same time, two kidneys , located on the underside of the muscle, remove waste products from the blood. Their nervous system includes two pairs of nerve cords and three pairs of ganglia.

While some oysters have two sexes European oyster and Olympia oyster , their reproductive organs contain both eggs and sperm. Because of this, it is technically possible for an oyster to fertilize its own eggs.

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Mary’s Bay is Mabels Gaspereaux Cottages. We have 4 single room housekeeping cottages that are economically priced. If you want to pitch a tent we have space We are also pet friendly and pesticide free. Each cottage comes with fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, 2 burneer stove and a barbecue. We are close to Wood Island Ferries and some wonderful golf courses.

Theresa May has said she will form a Conservative government backed by the DUP, claiming it can bring “certainty” to the UK. After visiting the Queen, the Prime Minister claimed there was a.

It really looks phenomenal. I can’t wait to get it out into the community. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to details. We are extremely impressed with the project and installation. You delivered a quality product in a very timely manner and with great service.

40 Famous People from Wisconsin

Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrhynchus are ancient fish dating back at least 70 million years, and can be found along the entire Atlantic coast from Florida to Labrador, Canada. They are anadromous, migrating from the ocean into coastal estuaries and rivers to spawn. Atlantic sturgeon may live up to 70 years old, with females reaching sexual maturity between the ages of seven to 30, and males between the ages of five to Typically sturgeon inhabiting the southern part of the species range mature faster and grow larger than those in the northern part of the range.

Females reach sexual maturity between the ages of 7 and 30, and males between the ages of 5 and

Our charming Ontario country inn, located just 90 minutes North East of Toronto offers a wonderful balance of old and new, convenience and comfort, historic tradition and modern amenities, all presented in an atmosphere of country charm.

In response to a national outcry , the administration publicly announced an end to the practice of telling students suspected of having suicidal thoughts that discussing those thoughts with others would result in disciplinary action although NMU has failed to remove related policies from its student handbook. NMU allegedly threatened to disenroll the student after he or she identifying information is being kept confidential discussed a mental illness with a friend. This despite the fact that state police, who were called in to investigate by a Resident Director, determined that the student was not in danger.

Furthermore, a suicide assessment conducted by the NMU Counseling Center—to which the student acquiesced under pressure from Dean of Students Christine Greer—also determined he or she was not suicidal. In order to remain enrolled, Greer advised the student that he or she would have to sign a Behavioral Agreement that required, among other things, that the student not engage in any discussion of suicidal thoughts or actions with dormitory residents, friends, or any other students.

Under protest, the student signed the agreement, which remains in effect today. Just as importantly, will NMU ever be forced to acknowledge and answer for the harm it has already done to so many named and unnamed students and former students? I recently spoke with NMU graduate student Molly Fox, who was hospitalized in January of this year because of self-harm. When Molly left the hospital, she was called in by the head of her department to learn that she had lost her graduate teaching position and her teaching stipend.

She was surprised that, after all of the public attention, this was still happening to her. She was particularly concerned because her roommates, also graduate students, had taken her to the hospital—so they knew what had happened. She left the meeting with the understanding that if the administration found out her roommates had been involved, she could be kicked out of school. As Molly finished up work on her graduate Writing degree that semester, she dropped a second concentration in Pedagogy, choosing not to take a required teaching class when she herself was prevented from teaching.

She graduated in the spring of this year and is now doing community-based work in Detroit.

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It seems to be the same story in Hollywood circles. Some of them you probably knew about, others will surprise you. By the time Heather turned nine, the Graham fam had made a home in Agoura Hills, California where she would eventually find her way into acting. In the movie, Lorraine happened to have recently moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin.

4. Tony Shalhoub – Green Bay. Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub got his start acting as a young kid at Green Bay East High School when he landed a spot in the school’s production of The King and I, thanks to help from his big sister.

Enjoy romantic amenities such as a fireplace in your room, gardens and historic architecture. The Four Diamond Hotel has thirty-eight luxury suites with foot ceilings, Baker furniture and fine Italian cotton linens. The rooms also have Kohler spa bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and gorgeous oriental rugs. They also have the option of ordering in-room spa options, with services such as therapeutic and couples massages available.

Be sure to check for packages. Wisconsin weekend getaways for families. Downtown Bayfield is conveniently close, providing guests with shopping, eating, and sightseeing opportunities. Waterfront activities like boating and swimming are also available at nearby Lake Superior. The restaurant also has vegetarian and gluten-free options. Croix River Inn Bed and Breakfast is dedicated to the comfort of its guests.

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In this context, the aim of the study was to assess the priority metal Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Ag, Cd, Hg, Pb and Th concentrations in sediment within the Bay, by investigating spatial and temporal distribution variations and the role of hydrodynamic forcing. For that we selected three sites east, west and south characterizing different environments of the Bay and we observed metal concentrations, grain size distribution, bed elevation and wave activities during a year survey.

The sampling strategy pointed out both spatial and temporal metal concentrations variability in sediment. In general, metal enrichments were close to geochemical background. The eastern part of the Bay, largely influenced by the Charente river particulate deposition, presented constant concentrations over the survey.

Museums, Museum Ships & Preservation Efforts: The Islands Antique Boat Museum (Clayton, New York); The Islands Museum (Clayton, New York); The Aberdeen Maritime Museum (Scotland); Ålands Museum (Mariehamn, Finland); Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum (The Åland Islands Maritime Museum, Home to the four masted barque Pommern, Mariehamn, Finland); The American Merchant Marine .

Couples and Group tours are most welcome he Village Inn is situated in the scenic and historic little village of Lakefield, Ontario, Canada, in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes. The Inn is comprised of twenty-six rooms and two luxury suites. Our charming Ontario country inn, located just 90 minutes North East of Toronto offers a wonderful balance of old and new, convenience and comfort, historic tradition and modern amenities, all presented in an atmosphere of country charm.

Spa services are available only steps away. The ideal Peterborough area hotel for romantic couples, Kawartha getaways, and for visitors to nearby Lakefield College School and Trent University, the Village Inn with its attractive meeting and conference facilities also welcomes corporate retreats and small business functions, intimate weddings, and group tours. And, at the Village Inn, Continental breakfast is included with your stay.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, with your family or on your own, your stay at award winning Village Inn promises to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. We invite you to come and experience our warm hospitality. Jessica Northey The following additional information is for those interested in knowing all about the local history and what the Lakefield area and The Village Inn has to offer our guests: Welcome to the Village Inn.

We hope that our quaint, but thoroughly modern Lakefield inn will be your home away from home whenever you are in the Kawartha Lakes Region on business, or for pleasure.

40 Famous People from Wisconsin

Muir Beach is located Three miles west of Muir Woods along the coastline, Muir Beach is a quiet cove, beach and lagoon. There are no lifeguards at Muir Beach.

Tracing its history back to , and located in Sturgeon Bay, WI, Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (FBS) is an industry leader in the construction and repair of large ships. The FBS portfolio includes OPA compliant vessels, dredges and dredging support equipment, and offshore support vessels.

Edit Amar firing a photon torpedo at an unknown cloud In Klingon space, three Klingon K’t’inga-class battle cruisers are patrolling an area and encounter a huge cloud-like anomaly. On the bridge of IKS Amar , the Klingon captain orders his crew to fire torpedoes at it, but they have no effect. The captain immediately orders retreat. Meanwhile, in Federation space, a listening post, Epsilon IX , picks up a distress signal from one of the Klingon ships.

As the three ships are attempting to escape the cloud, a “bolt” of plasma energy emerges and destroys each ship one by one. On Epsilon IX, the crew tracks the course of the cloud. Commander Branch inquires as to its heading. He discovers that it is headed on a precise course for Earth. The lead elder tells Spock of how their ancestors had long ago cast out all animal passions on those sands, and says that their race was saved by attaining kolinahr, which another elder describes as the final purging of all emotion.

The lead elder tells Spock he has labored long and she prepares to give him a symbol of total logic. She is about to give him a necklace , when Spock reaches out and stops her, clearly disturbed by something out in space. She asks for a mind meld to read his thoughts, to which Spock complies. She discovers that the alien intelligence which has called to him from deep space has stirred his Human half.

She drops the necklace and states, “You have not yet achieved kohlinahr.

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